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Image Package

The download is valid for one year, and the images are used forever

Standard License

New Media and Print Use

  • $30

  • $120

  • $300

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Offline Promotion

Event Exhibition, Conference Marketing

  • $80

  • $120

  • $320

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Online Advertising

  • $240

  • $320

  • $400

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High-end Custom

The download is valid for one year, and the images are used forever

Advanced authorization

No Limitations

  • $940

  • $3100

  • $9300

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Image Authorization Service Scope

  • Usages New Media Standard License Full License Advanced authorization
  • New Media:Online media, mobile media, self-media pictures (Weibo, WeChat, blog headlines, etc.), digital newspapers and magazines, etc. Article pictures, short videos and live broadcast pictures, e-commerce pictures, website and APP client pictures picture
  • Printing Usage:Offline printed materials such as leaflets, brochures, posters, building books, roll-ups, exhibition booths or printed materials at retail outlets
  • Publishing Usage:Newspapers, magazines, books
  • Publishing Usage:Magazine cover, public relations soft article with pictures
  • Advertising Usage:Online advertising, media advertising (newspaper, magazine advertising), outdoor advertising (body, light box, fence, etc.), film and television advertising
  • Resale Goods:Including product packaging (postcards, calendars, clothing, cups, mobile phone cases, T-shirts, product packaging, physical gifts, etc.), built-in graphics for digital products (such as software programs, design templates, wallpapers, theme skin courseware, etc.)
  • Video Usage:Internet TV, Internet Video, Movies, TV Shows, etc.
  • Sensitive Usage:Medical, drug, tobacco, cosmetic surgery, health care products advertising and promotion
  • Special Purpose:Exclusive use, trademark, LOGO


  • 1. How to buy:
  • Purchase the package according to demand and complete the payment according to the prompt, and start using the package immediately. Multiple packages can be purchased for the same account.
  • 2. Effective term of package:
  • The video package shall be downloaded and used within 1 year (365 days), and the licensed use terms must be strictly followed. The video products are permanently usable worldwide and the license is non-transferable.
  • 3. Preference for buyer:
  • Contact Panorama for more purchase requirements. Sales staff can tailor the service according to your needs.
  • 4.Issue a invoice:
  • After purchasing the package and completing the payment, contact customer service line 4008-117-888 for any invoice requirement.
  • 5. Download failed:
  • In the event that the download timeout or interruption occurs due to the network speed and other uncertain factors, you may click the download prompt to continue downloading or enter the order center-selected package to select the corresponding package and continue downloading. Repeated downloads will not be billed. Call 4008-117-888 for any questions about buying the image or 010-59212929 for any questions about buying vide.

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